Skin Rejuvenation
Science has definitely moved forward…

Skin Rejuvenation is a biological process whereby new skin cell formations and collagen/elastin fibre growth factors are created.  This takes place in the dermal (secondary layer) of the skin and is a natural consistent cycle during our youthful years. This cycle slows down quite significantly during our thirties’ onwards, causing an aged appearance of the skin, in particular the loss of elasticity due to reduced collagen formation.

The good news is that with the advancement of science and proven clinical trials, the skins’ rejuvenation process can be stimulated by various non-surgical, aesthetic treatments, which can prolong and even reverse the ageing process. By regeneration and preservation of healthy skin cells and collagen fibres we can restore and maintain the springy, youthful texture to the skin. Skin rejuvenation is also beneficial for improvement of acne scarring, sun damage, pigmentation, open pores and general skin imperfection. Of course a good daily home care regime is imperative in the quest for the perfect complexion and there are many scientifically advanced skin care preparations available.

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